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Best of Fargo

As my time to Fargo is coming to a quick close, I thought it would be fun to put together a little collection of some things I will miss in Fargo. Obviously, I will mostly miss my friends but here … Continue reading

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Brownie ice cream cupcakes with ganache

Yep! That sounds good, right? I have made these before, but I can’t remember where I came across the recipe the first time. You can make these in a variety of ways with a variety of ice creams, etc. I … Continue reading

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Guest Post! Lemon Blueberry Crumb Bars

Hi bloggies – I have a guest post for you while I am currently living in a 4-bedroom house with no bed, furniture or cooking utensils. I had to get creative over the weekend and used a screwdriver as a … Continue reading

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A little more about FeistyEats

Since I am on my way to happy hour and haven’t cooked anything in a bit…a little filler for you! I didn’t have time to proof, so good luck trying to make this out! 1. Where did you grow up? … Continue reading

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A Drunk Kitchen

Hi all! Busy packing, packing, packing and cleaning. A lot of cleaning. It is a weird feeling to clean a house you are leaving. I suppose it would be quite rude to leave someone a dirty “new” house though. What … Continue reading

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